jalapeno poppers

Smoked jalapeno, cream cheese & bacon. 25

burrata (v)

Served with confit tomato, basil pesto, toasted nuts & sourdough. 24

beef tataki (gf)

Marinated eye fillet, chili, coriander, shallots, soy & sesame. 29

baba ghanoush (v, veo)

Roasted eggplant and tahini dip served with toasted naan, garlic herb butter, cucumber, carrot. 23

crispy pork riblets (gf)

Sweet, sour & spicy. 26

prawn or veg dumplings [6] (vo)

Served with a Thai yellow curry sauce, red chili, coriander & shallots. 24

Beer Battered chips (v)

Served with our signature seasoning & house sauce. 13

sweet potato chips (v)

Served with house sauce. 15

add sauce from $3


squid salad (vo)

Prankster Ginger Beer marinated squid, bean shoots, carrot, cucumber, rocket, mint, coriander with a Vietnamese dressing. $36

Skip the squid $26

Summer salad (gf, vo, veo)

Lettuce, avocado, peas, spinach, green grapes, smoked cheddar, grilled chicken skewers with a mustard vinegarette. 30

Skip the chicken $26


buffalo (gf)

Served with blue cheese sauce. 18

hot wings

Hot sauce. 18

peri peri bbq (gf)

Smokey with a hint of spice. 18


The OG (v, vgo)

Tomato medley, balsamic, basil, mozzarella & a Napoli base. 27


Pepperoni, red onion, mozzarella, Burrata & a Napoli base. 28


Ground beef, bacon, chicken, onion, mozzarella & a smoky BBQ base. 28

Take a look you spicy chook

Chicken, red onion, black garlic aioli, jalapenos, mozzarella & a Napoli base. 28

prawn star

Garlic-chili prawns, onion, spinach, chili, chili oil, mozzarella & a cream sauce base. 32

sophishticated salmon

Salmon, spinach, dill, mozzarella & a cream garlic base. 32

eat your veg (v, veo)

Mushroom, capsicum, onion, eggplant, fresh rocket, mozzarella & a Napoli base. 28

Ohh la la

Potato, bacon, red onion, mozzarella & a cream base. $27

Vegan cheese + $3

GF base + $3


double smash burger (gfo)

Double smash beef patty, American cheddar, red onion, sliced tomato, burger pickle, mustard & burger sauce. Served with chips. 30

cheeseburger sliders [3]

Beef patties, American cheddar, ketchup, mustard, red onion & pickles, on mini sesame buns. 32

Add chips +3


Smoked Harvey beef rump steak loaded with salsa verde, House Ranch sauce, bacon Pilbara Pale Ale pickles, pickled onion, onion jam & smoked brisket & jalapeno Philadelphia cream & served between rosemary & garlic buttered Turkish bread. Served with chips. 32

veggie burger (gfo, v, veo)

Stacked roasted eggplant, halloumi, spinich, red onion, basil, black garlic aioli & smoked tomato relish. Served with chips. 31

Not a fan of bread or gluten? Make it bun-less

chicken caesar roll

Grilled chicken, bacon, parmesan, lettuce, egg & Caesar dressing on a toasted baguette. Served with chips. 29

squid tacos 

Panko squid, mango salsa & aioli on La Tortilla’s black charcoal craft tortillas. 32

Add chips + $3

GF bun + $3


duo of beef (gf)

Beer braised beef ribs and eye fillet, served with mash, seasonal vegetables, black garlic butter & beer jus. 52

scotch fillet (gf)

400g scotch fillet, chimichurri, roasted potatoes, seasonal vegetables & black garlic butter. 55

duo of fish (gf) 

Grilled salmon steak, red emperor, seasonal vegetables & hollandaise. 50

goat cheese & pesto spaghetti 

Cherry tomatoes, asparagus, rocket & parmesan. 32

Add chicken + $5


kids cheeseburger quesadilla

Beef mince, bacon, cheddar, mozzarella in a toasted tortilla. 13

nuggets & chips 


kids bolognese 

Beef Bolognese & spaghetti. 13

kids squid 

With chips & tartar sauce. 13


House dessert

White chocolate parfait, Portuguese tart, lavender & blueberry coulis, strawberries & passionfruit. 16

La paleta ice cream


takeaway craft sauces

Buffalo sauce 


Smoky BBQ


House (secret) sauce


V = Vegetarian, VG = Vegan, GF = Gluten Free, O = Option Availiable